Zoning Hearing Board

The Zoning Board is responsible for hearing any and all applications for a variance and or appeals of decisions of the Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer. The zoning hearing board is a quasi-judicial hearing board. This board hears cases based on land use in specific assigned zoning areas throughout the Borough. This board does not meet unless an application for appeal is presented to the board for a hearing.

The International Property Maintenance Code Appeals Board will hear appeals to Notice of Violations that may be issued by the Code Enforcement Division of the Borough of Camp Hill. The person who receives the Notice of Violation must first file an Appeal with the Code Enforcement Division and then a hearing date will be set. This Board will only hear issues that involve property maintenance issues and the issuance of a Notice of Violation. This board is a quasi-judicial board and does not meet unless application has been made for an appeal.

Zoning Hearing Board Members (3-year term)
Lee R. Lentz (2023)
Kurt A. Twiford (2022)
Kirk Sohonage (2021)

Phillip J. Murren, Solicitor

Chris Miller
Codes Enforcement Officer
Camp Hill Borough
Phone: (717) 737-3456
Email: cmiller@camphillborough.com