Stormwater Projects

25th Street Drainage Improvements – A contractor will install new storm drain inlets and pipe along 25th Street from Walnut Street to Market Street.  A short section of undersized pipe will also be replaced in the Willow Park plaza area to eliminate a bottleneck in the drainage system.  The project has been bid and the contract has been awarded.  The start of construction is being delayed due to Covid-related supply chain disruptions for some of the materials needed to complete the work.  Work will begin as soon as the necessary pipe and other materials are delivered from the supplier. 


21st and Walnut Drainage Improvements – In spring 2022, a contractor will replace inlets and pipes in this intersection and extend new drainage lines down 21st Street and Schoolhouse alley.  Design, permitting, and bidding are complete, but construction cannot occur until next year because of Covid-related supply chain disruptions for some of the materials needed to complete the work. 


Russel Road Culvert Improvements – New concrete endwalls will be provided for the culvert which carries a small stream beneath Russel Road, as well as 2 new storm inlets and stabilization of the roadway embankment.  This work is being performed under the same construction contract as the 21st and Walnut Street site, with work occurring in Spring 2022.    


Siebert Park Stream Restoration – Design is ongoing for a stream restoration project which will supply enough sediment reduction credits to satisfy the remainder of the Borough’s Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction plan, which is a component of the MS4 permit.  A DCNR grant application was filed to fund improvements to the trail adjacent to the stream, and results are anticipated in October.  Permit applications for the stream restoration project (with or without the accompanying trail improvements) will be filed once the grant selections are announced.


Borough Wide Storm Sewer Inspection Project – Public bidding documents are being prepared to select a contractor to televise all of the Borough’s storm sewer system.  The Stormwater Authority will review the findings of this inspection work and use this information to generate 5 and 10 year improvement plans.  The inspection work is expected to proceed systematically through the Borough over a period of approximately 12-18 months.