Recreation Commission

Recreation Commission Members (3-Year term) Audrey Logar, Chairperson Recreation Director

Camp Hill Borough Phone: (717) 737-4548

Sara Gibson, Borough Manager
Leigh Twiford, Borough Council President
Mark Simpson, Mayor
Patty Craig, Superintendent, Camp Hill School District
Melanie Gurgiolo, School Board Member, Camp Hill School District

  • Dustin Chapman (2021)
  • William Forrey (2022)
  • Patty Gilroy (2022)
  • Doug Snyder (2022)
  • Jon Arosell (2023)
  • Paul White (2023)
  • Nick Decker (2023)

Openings on the Recreation Commission:

  • This volunteer position is a way that you can give back to the community where you live and help make decisions about programs and projects supported by the Recreation Commission.
  • We meet 4 times per year for about an hour and provide recommendations to Borough Council about programs and projects our residents want.  There are three openings on the Recreation Commission for the term 2021-2023.  Cover letter and resume are due to the Recreation Office by December 1, 2020.