Preschool Summer Adventure 2016 Themes

Week 1: In the River – (June 13-16)
Explore nature and who lives in a river. We will make some fun discoveries!

Week 2: On a Safari – (June 20-23)
“Travel” to places where animals roam the land and learn about their habits.

Week 3: Inside a Barn – (June 27-30)
Celebrate dairy month while learning about delicious foods and drinks that start in the barn.

Week 4: Off to the City – (July 5-7, No July 4)
Experience what it’s like to be in a big city and enjoy the festivities of the Fourth of July.

Week 5: Into the Woods – (July 11-14)
Pretend to hike a trail and sleep in a tent while discovering what might be hidden in wooded areas.

Week 6: Up on Stage – (July 18-21)
Become a performer or enjoy being part of the audience (or both) as we act out some fun stories and make our own props.

Week 7: Under the Ocean – (July 25-28)
Learn about big fish, little fish and many creatures of the sea.

Week 8: Beside a Friend – (August 1-4)
Practice sharing and caring about our friends while we enjoy some fun partner and group activities.

We will also celebrate the last week of camp with a special party for everyone who has been a part of it.