Winter Maintenance

Plowing the Borough’s streets after a winter event is a time-consuming process. Following a few simple guidelines can make the snowplow operator’s job safer and more efficient. We ask all residents:

  • Pay attention to local weather forecasts as winter weather and road conditions can change very quickly. If it is necessary for you to drive, please do so responsibly.
  • Minimize driving as much as possible during and immediately after a snow event. The fewer vehicles on the road allows the roadway to be cleared more quickly and efficiently.
  • Remove vehicles and trailers from the street prior to snowstorms. This allows snowplow operators to clear the streets from edge to edge.
  • Remove basketball hoops and other items from the Borough’s right of way.
  • Keep a safe operating distance from all winter maintenance vehicles and plows.
  • If you have a mailbox along the roadway, periodically check to ensure the post and mailbox are in good condition. They must be sturdy enough to withstand snow coming off the plow blade.
  • Never push, blow, or shovel snow into a cleared roadway.
  • Never attempt to stop or flag down a truck driver while plowing.
  • Clearing a space along the curb or edge of road before your driveway will reduce the amount of snow placed in your driveway by a plow.
  • Wait until the street is completely cleared before shoveling the end of your driveway.
  • Operators will often make multiple passes on the same street.
  • Plow drivers cannot direct snow as it comes off a plow. The plow blades are fixed to dump snow to the right.
  • Within 8 hours after snow or ice has fallen, clear sidewalks along their entire length with a path no less than 3 feet wide. The hours between 9 pm and 7 am are not figured into this period of 8 hours. Also remember, it is a citable offense to shovel, blow, plow or discharge snow or ice into streets or alleys.
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