Shade Tree Height Requirements

As a reminder to our residents, shade tree branches must adhere to certain height requirements throughout the Borough. Please be sure to trim your trees so that there is a clear line of sight on all street and stop signs and according to the Borough ordinance #187 below :

187-7. Branches over street and sidewalks. [Amended 8-13-1997 by Ord. No. 964, approved 8-13-1997]
The Shade Tree Commission shall or shall require trimming of branches from any trees overhanging the sidewalks, streets and highways of the Borough so that the trees shall not obstruct the light from any streetlight and so that in the center of the street there shall be a clear height of 18 feet above the surface of the street; from a distance of six (6) feet from the curb a clear height of 12 feet from the surface of the street; and over the sidewalks a clear height of eight (8) feet.

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