Camp Hill EOC Compiling Volunteer List [3/24/20]

The Camp hill EOC has been working the last week  on compiling a list of Volunteers that would assist with in the community in gathering meds, food and other necessities that may be needed.

Camp Hill EOC has reached out to the local churches and in working with the churches has compiled a list of no less than 5 persons from each church and their contact information so that the Borough EOC can contact and facilitate the need.

How will this work ? – The EOC phone numbers will be posted and anyone with a need will be directed or paired with a volunteer who will work out the details with the resident in need pick up the food or medicine and then drop off the items at the residents property limiting personal contact and keeping social distance protocol intact. The money for the items would have to be prepaid and if a resident does not have access to the internet then the volunteer would also assist with internet access as well. Volunteers have been instructed that if they are sick in any way they are to NOT RESPOND and we will go down the list to contact another volunteer. ALL the churches with in Camp Hill are helping and have provided the list of Volunteers  or will be providing a list with in the next 48 hours. If there are any questions please call the EOC at 717 901 1402

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