Draft of the new Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (“SALDO”)

The Camp Hill Borough Planning Commission is posting this DRAFT of the new Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (“SALDO”) below for the public’s general review and reference. This document is being made available in advance of a public listening session organized by the Borough, where comments and feedback from the public can be provided, captured and then incorporated where appropriate. Once complete, an updated version will be provided to Borough Council for consideration and an additional listening session will be scheduled to hear final public comment, prior to adoption.

The first listening session is scheduled for the 25th of November at 6pm at the Borough Hall. The session will open with a brief educational presentation by the Cumberland County Planning office about how the SALDO is a valuable tool for managing development in communities. After that presentation, an open forum will be held to solicit feedback, ask questions, and offer suggestions for the Planning Commission to consider as they finalize their efforts to rewrite this important document.

November 2019 Draft SALDO
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