Compost Facility Upgrades for 2020

We are in the process of finalizing improvements to the Compost Facility located at 422 S. 24th Street. Facility upgrades will be completed prior to the facility opening on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. These site improvements assure the facility continues to serve as an economically and environmentally beneficial alternative to landfill disposal. One important addition is an automated gate that opens using access cards that will be issued by the Borough. The new access system ensures the Borough can monitor persons entering the facility and limit access to outside commercial contractors as necessary.

All persons wishing to use the facility in the 2020 season must obtain an access card in order to drop-off yard waste or to pick up leaf compost or mulch. Compost Facility Registration begins Monday, February 24 and must be completed in person at the Borough office.

Find registration forms, a map showing the new entry, and more information on the Public Works Compost Facility page.

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