Basketball Hoops and Nets in Streets

Camp Hill Borough is seeking assistance from residents with removing basketball hoops and other nets left in Borough streets. Street cleaning, leaf collection, and snow plowing are just around the corner. When Public Works is plowing the streets or when they are running the street sweeper, it is very difficult to maneuver their vehicles around hoops and nets left out past the curb. We have even had some damaged equipment and near misses with injury of Borough employees in the past. The streets must also be kept clear for emergency vehicles to pass by or park.

Starting November 1, 2019, the Code Enforcement Division will enforce the removal of the nets and hoop sets from the street. We are asking for everyone to move their hoop sets and nets out of the street and as far back as they can, and to extend them as high as they can so trucks may pass by when working. Also, hoop sets must be secure and not easily blown over. Basketball hoop sets are not to be permanently mounted within the Borough right of way.

We thank all of you in advance for your cooperation with this matter.

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