Remember to Shovel Sidewalks after Snow

Snow is in the forecast for the weekend! When snow falls, residents have a responsibility to clear the sidewalks.

Within 8 hours after snow or ice has fallen, clear sidewalks along their entire length of your property with a path no less than 3 feet wide. The hours between 9 pm and 7 am are not figured into this period of 8 hours. Also remember, it is a citable offense to shovel, blow, plow or discharge snow or ice into streets or alleys.

No Dumping in Borough Dumpsters

Residents are reminded that dumping in Borough dumpsters is not allowed. Placing hazardous waste in Borough dumpsters is never permitted. Those found in violation will be cited.

For more information on garbage collection in Camp Hill Borough, visit Penn Waste. Information on disposing of hazardous materials may be found on the Cumberland County website.

Promotions at Camp Hill Police Department

Congratulations to three newly promoted officers in the Camp Hill Police Department. Pictured with Chief Margeson and Mayor Simpson are Patrol Officer Todd Harrer promoted to the rank of Sergeant, Sergeant John Kidman promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and Patrol Officer Scott Cornelious promoted to the rank of Sergeant. 

The Camp Hill Police Department can be found at or follow them on Facebook.