Mayor’s Office

Name Title Term Email Address
Mark Simpson Mayor 2021

Mayor Mark Simpson is also Chief of the Camp Hill Fire Department.

Camp Hill Borough’s Mayor is an unpaid official elected for a term of 4-years.

In Camp Hill Borough, the Mayor oversees the Police Department and presides with the 7-members of Borough Council. The Mayor may vote only in an instance of a tie among Council (meaning one or more Council Members are not present or unable to vote on a matter).  Unlike the strong mayor system, the mayor is not the chief executive when it comes to the day-to-day administration of the municipal government. That is the responsibility of the Borough Manager, who is approved and hired by Borough Council.

The Mayor may be contacted by their email addresses above or alternatively the Mayor has a mailbox inside the Borough Administration Office located at:

2145 Walnut Street
Camp Hill, PA 17011

Additionally, the Mayor has an office and direct phone number (717) 737-8596, which receives voicemail. It is advisable to schedule an appointment if you wish to meet with the Mayor as there are no scheduled or required office hours for this voluntary position.