Leaf Collection Schedule

Leaf Collection

  • Fall leaf collection will begin on Monday October 25th, 2021.
  • Leaf collection will end on or about December 10, 2021. This may change due to early winter weather events.
  • Leaf collection is the day after your trash collection day, weather permitting.
  • Leaves should be windrowed along the curb or edge of the roadway.
  • Do not place branches, grass clippings, rocks or any other debris in leaf piles. This can cause catastrophic damage to the leaf collection machinery or personnel.
  • Do not leave cars parked along the street on the day of leaf collection. This may prevent staff from collecting the leaves around the vehicles.
  • Remember to keep all trees along the curb line trimmed to a minimum of 12 feet above the street so the equipment can operate along the curb line.
  • Please check the Public Works page on the Borough’s website for any updates that may occur.