Preschool Summer Adventures

Summer Fun with Mercer Meyer (Ages 3 to 5)

We will begin each week by sharing one or more books from this famous children’s author.


Week I –   All about me

Starting with “All By Myself”, we will explore our special talents and show off our many skills through action games and art projects.

Week 2 –   Who’s in your family?

Stories will include The New Baby, Just Me and My Dad and lots of others about Critter’s family members. We will create a family tree, sing and dance and enjoy learning about our families.

Week 3 – “These are My Pets”

Making puppets and learning about the world of animals will help us to celebrate our pets. We will also have a pet show ( no live animals though…)

Week  4 – How do you feel?

We will illustrate, act out and learn about how we experience feelings We will explore “  I Was So mad” and other Mercer Meyer stories about our feelings.

Week  5 – “Being a Friend”

Group projects and games will help us to understand the importance of friendship and how we can all be good friends.

Week 6 – Sweet dreams

We will paint, draw, sing and read about our dreams .We will read Little Critters Bedtime Story Book and other related stories.  We  will also have PJ day on Thursday of this week. (  and  a special breakfast treat !)

Week 7 – Monsters

 Mercer Meyer has created wonderful monsters and creatures. We can be scary and have fun as we explore what we enjoy most about monsters.

Week 8 –  Celebrate Mercer Meyer

Let’s all enjoy reviewing our favorite stories and making Little Critter puppets. We always have lots of songs and games too! Watch for details about our last day Critter Party.