Build-A-Bot Labs

(Instructor: Sylvan Edge Staff)

Build-a-bot Lab I  – grades 1 – 3
Stretch your imagination and skills by creating new each day robots based on fun themes, such as Superhero School and Dino World. Campers will run through the full engineering life cycle of designing their own robots, building and programming them, evaluating how well the work, then redesigning them to make them even better. Toward the end of each session they’ll be able to share their creations with the other campers and test those designed by the others!

Build-a-bot Lab II – grades 4-6
Experiment with advanced STEM concepts, create and bring to life sophisticated robots based on themes such as Safari Adventures and Movie Stunt Sets! These campers will test their abilities to design robots from scratch or adapt them from other models. They’ll test their robots, then redesign, rebuild and program them to make even bigger and better creations!

Grades: 1 – 3 & 4 – 6
Dates:  August 7 – August 10
Times: 1- 4 pm
Location:  Community Room
Cost:  Res. $175 / Non. Res. $185