Siebert Park
Camp Hill, PA

Dedicated formally in 1959 as the Christian L. Siebert Memorial Park, this treasured and important park and recreation area traces its development to the early and late 1930ís. During that period of the Depression era, then Burgess Christian Siebert (1888-1973) lead a visionary effort to develop and establish park land to serve the apparent coming growth of Camp Hill. Fifty (50) acres, along with 600 feet of Conodoguinet Creek frontage, were purchased from the estate of Dr. John Oenslager by the Borough for $5,400. Dr.Oenslager was a colleague of Christian Siebert at the Pa Department of Health. Soon after, Borough Council acquired an adjoining small piece of land from the Demain family for $640. and, another plot of land for $3,000. as the result of condemnation proceedings.

In 1939 the Camp Hill School Board allocated $7,500. for the design of an athletic field within the Park to take the place of inadequate resources adjacent to the then High School. Soon afterward, an area was developed to create an entrance to the Park from North 25th Street. The Works Progress Administration, WPA, granted $87,265. to construct the athletic field project. In 1940 an additional grant of $22,735. was provided to construct bleachers and other Park structures. The Camp Hill School District was granted a long term lease on the athletic field aspect of the Park.

Burgess Siebert urged the building of a swimming pool within the Park as a War Memorial. Strong support from Borough leaders resulted in the poolís construction and dedication in 1954, with a wading pool to follow in 1955. The Camp Hill Menís Garden Club, showing a standing interest in Park plantings and trees, maintained much of the upkeep and care of the Parkís natural resources up until the early 1980ís.

Access to the Park is provided for automobiles off of Cumberland Boulevard, the ďBypass,Ē as well as from the 25th Street entrance of Country Club Hills. Walkers and joggers have access through the underpass from Willow Avenue, the open area from 25th Street; and, a passway leading from Apple Tree Road of the housing development that borders 21st Street. The Park provides several roads that provide access to a series of pavilions and secluded picnic areas.

A large cabin-like structure built in the late 1990ís is available for meetings and parties. Nearby, large, colorful playground equipment is surrounded by a patio of name engraved bricks. Restrooms were reconstructed in the early 2000ís along with a regulation sized, sand based volleyball court. Tennis courts, an outdoor basketball court, several baseball fields and soccer practice fields are convenient within the Park. During an extension of Camp Hillís 2007 Memorial Day Celebration, the Park provided a place for a large tent for band music while craft displays lined the track around the field.

Trees and plantings within the Park are organized as an arboretum. Walkways and roads within the Park serve as a major branch of the Goddard Trail which traces throughout the Borough, providing guides and safe routes for those seeking exercise and fitness.

Siebert Park is a unique resource of Camp Hill. Its recreational and nature-park setting provides a wide variety of opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy its beauty and convenience. The vision of Camp Hillís early leaders has come to fruition with plenty of opportunities for productive changes, concerned care; and, enjoyment.