Statement of Borough Council on Legal Status of Alleys in the Borough

Many residents have asked about the legal status of the alleys in the Borough of Camp Hill.  The legal status of the alleys in the Borough varies depending upon several factors including the description of the alleys in the original land development plans and/or property owners’ deeds and whether the alleys have been opened or vacated by the Borough.

With the exception of White Hill Alley and School House Alley, the alleys in Camp Hill have never been opened or maintained by the Borough.  By operation of state law, the alleys are generally owned to the centerline by the abutting property owners, subject to rights of passage by other property owners in the development.  The Borough may not enforce these private rights.  Residents who want to know the legal status of a particular alley or who want to enforce their private rights should seek advice from private legal counsel.

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