Press Release

Camp Hill Borough Council is aware of the charges brought against Mr. Dennis.  Council has had a good working relationship with Mr. Dennis and we expect that to continue.  However, as Council has yet to meet and as this is a personnel matter, we can offer no further comment at this time.

Borough seeks Downtown Coordinator/Executive Director

Borough of Camp Hill

Downtown Coordinator/Executive Director

The Borough of Camp Hill is seeking a coordinator/director to lead the Borough’s efforts to enhance and promote its downtown retail district. The Borough seeks to create a comprehensive design for the downtown, promote and enhance the community and businesses through programs and events, and create and maintain a sustainable organization to administer and fund these efforts. The downtown coordinator/executive director will be responsible for meeting these objectives.

This position will at least initially be a part-time or contract position, with specific terms to be negotiated.


Tasks and Goals of the Coordinator/Director

  • Establish and Lead a Borough of Camp Hill Downtown Board/ Committee in line with the guidelines described in the National Main Street program.


Design (Establishing and keeping the business district vibrant)

  • Create/Maintain an engaging atmosphere and a downtown identity/branding.
  • Identify areas that need attention and enhancement (signage, facades, lighting, parking, green space, historic preservation
  • Educate merchants and property owners on maintenance and enhancement of an attractive downtown


Promotion (Selling the image of the downtown)

  • Promote a positive image for investors, residents and visitors
  • Set and update the overall branding approach for the community as needed
  • Develop strategies for destination marketing for the community (website, social media, brochures, newsletters, photos of the downtown)
  • Work with the committee to develop events and analytics to determine the success of each events.

Asset Enhancement (Assist with funding new or enhanced purposes of downtown enterprises or building)

  • Identify and attract new businesses
  • Assist merchants with planning and communication
  • Develop and inventory of building space and properties in the downtown


Organization (Everyone working towards common goals)

  • Develop and update a downtown strategic plan
  • Serve as communication center for the Board/Committee and Merchants
  • Serve as the lead ambassador of the downtown. Communicate and make presentations to stakeholders including Borough Council on economic development issues, programs, services and plans and seek funding from civic and government agencies.


Sustainability (Setting financial goals)

  • Develop and lead fundraisers and other methods to fund the downtown board/committee



  • Organization Budget Development
  • Pursue grant funding for initiatives in the downtown
  • Administer daily activities of the Downtown Board/Committee



  • Strong leadership, organizational, and entrepreneurial abilities to facilitate and build effective committees/teams and strong relationships with merchants.
  • Strong motivation and the ability to work independently
  • Excellent written and oral communication
  • Must be competent with WORD,OUTLOOK, EXCEL and social media platforms
  • A bachelor’s degree in community development, urban planning, urban studies, historic preservation, non-profits, public administration or relative field.
  • Experience in community development


The Borough of Camp Hill is soliciting qualifications for Borough Solicitor



Through this Request for Proposal (RFP), the Borough of Camp Hill seeks to engage a respondent as Solicitor for the Borough of Camp Hill upon appointment.


An original, clearly marked as the ORIGINAL and eight (10) full, complete and exact copies of each proposal shall be submitted in a sealed envelope and must be marked as “Borough Solicitor Request for Proposals” and addressed to: Patrick Dennis, Borough Manager 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011. The proposal must be received no later than Friday, January 26, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. Faxed or emailed proposals will NOT be accepted. Any inquiry concerning this RFP should be directed in writing to: Patrick Dennis, Borough Manager, 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA. 17011.


The Borough of Camp Hill requires the services of a firm or individual that is able to provide legal advice on a variety of matters. This is outlined in the selection process section of this document.


Contract shall be “at will” and may be terminated at any time, for any reason, upon a vote of the majority of the Council members.


The Borough Manager and/or Borough Council reserve the right to interview any or all of the respondents submitting a proposal. Although interviews may take place, the proposal should be comprehensive and complete on its face. The Borough of Camp Hill reserves the right to request clarifying information subsequent to submission of the proposal.


All proposals will be reviewed by the Borough Manager and/or Borough Council to determine responsiveness. Non-responsive proposals will be rejected without evaluation. For respondents that satisfy the Minimum Qualifications and the Mandatory Contents of Proposal the Borough’s evaluation will include but will not be limited to the following evaluation criteria, separate or combined in some manner, and not necessarily listed in order of significance: a) The respondents general approach to providing the services required under this RFP. b) The respondent’s municipal experience and to the engagement addressed by this RFP. c) The qualifications and experience of the respondent’s management, supervisory or other key personnel assigned to the engagement, with emphasis on municipal experience and to the services required by this RFP. d) The overall ability of the respondent to mobilize, undertake and successfully complete the scope of work in a timely fashion. This criterion will include, but not be limited to, the following factors: the number and qualifications of management, supervisory and other staff proposed by the respondent to perform the services required by this RFP; the availability and commitment to the 6 engagement of the respondent’s management, supervisory and other staff proposed. e) Costs and fee schedules. f) Other criteria as deemed appropriate by Camp Hill Borough Council.



Any official questions and/or clarifications shall be directed, in writing, to the person noted below: Patrick Dennis, Borough Manager Camp Hill 2145 Walnut Street Camp Hill, PA 17011.  Phone: (717) 737-3456. Questions may be answered in writing and distributed to all firms.

The Borough of Camp Hill is soliciting qualifications for Borough Engineer

The Borough of Camp Hill is soliciting qualifications for Borough Engineer to provide professional engineering services for the Borough. The selected engineer must have a company staff of qualified traffic engineers, environmental, structural and sanitary engineers. Services will include review of subdivision and land development applications, preparation of escrows and escrow releases, design bid specifications, grant writing/administration, GIS services and surveys, sanitary sewer pump station and collections and construction inspections of selected municipal projects. Plan review will include roadway design, storm water management design, and general compliance with Borough specifications, which are laid out in the Municipal Planning Code and Borough Ordinances. In addition, services may include project design for Borough initiated roads, storm sewer, parks and other miscellaneous projects by the Borough.

 The Borough Engineer will be require to attend the regular scheduled Borough Council meeting, the second Wednesday of each month and the Borough Planning Commission meetings the third Tuesday of each month.

Please submit paper copies of proposals to Patrick Dennis, Borough Manager, 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17055 by 4:30 p.m. January 26th. A full RFP is available HERE

Important Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Information for 2018

2018 Penn Waste Information

New Recycling bins will begin being delivered Monday, December 11, 2017. If residents do not want a new 96 gallon recycling container and they are home please make Penn Waste aware that you would not like the new bin and you are going to use your old bin. You are not required to accept a new bin. If Penn Waste has already delivered the new bin because you are not at home, residents must call Penn Waste and they will pick up the new bin and you may use your old bin.