Draft Streetscape Plan for the Market Street Retail Corridor Meeting

Borough residents are invited to attend a meeting at 5:00 PM on April 11 at Borough Hall to review a draft streetscape plan for the Market Street retail corridor.  The plan is being developed to further one of the 9 goals adopted in the Borough’s 2014 Strategic Plan: to “Develop and Promote Vibrant Business Corridors.”   The ultimate goal of the streetscape plan is to enhance the appearance of the market street corridor, to give our downtown area more of an identity, to provide wayfinding signage and enhance pedestrian safety, and ultimately to make the retail corridor a more attractive destination for borough residents and others.

At the April 11 meeting,  Simone Collins Landscape Architecture – the firm retained by the Borough – will present and take public comment on their initial draft.

Please note this will be a draft, and will be revised as needed based on community input (as well as input from PennDOT), and the draft is not yet available as it is still being developed.  The draft plan will be available on April 13th on the Borough web site for public review and comment for 45 days. Also, while the Borough has funded the development of the plan, funding for implementation of the plan does not yet exist and will require grant funding and/or inclusion in the Borough’s budget.

We hope to see you on April 11.

Camp Hill Borough Planning Commission – March 2018 Meeting Agenda

March 20, 2018, 6:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order, Roll Call, Moment of Silent Reflection
  2. Approval of Minutes from January 2018 Meeting (see transcript)
  3. Approval of Minutes from February 2018 Meeting
  4. Public Comment
  5. Presentation from Quattro Development, LLC’s Regarding Plan Received March 19, 2018 for Veterans Affairs Clinic Site
  6. Old Business
  7. New Business
  8. General Discussion and Public Comment
  9. Adjournment