Mosquito Spraying

CUMBERLAND COUNTY — The state Department of Environmental Protection informed the Cumberland County Vector Control Office Thursday of two additional positive mosquito samples for West Nile Virus in Camp Hill and Silver Spring Township.

There are now four positive WNV samples in the county this year, the Vector Control Office said. To date, 1,700 adult mosquito samples have been collected from 265 sites throughout the county; statewide, 195 samples have tested positive for WNV.

“We are responding with additional surveys for breeding habitat and additional sample collections,” said John Bitner, chief, Cumberland County Vector Control. “Evening spraying for adult mosquitoes in Camp Hill Borough and Silver Spring Township will be scheduled for Monday, August 26.”

Identifying and eliminating stagnant water can help prevent mosquitos and the diseases they spread. Containers should be emptied every five days to prevent adult mosquitoes from emerging. If you have a water source that cannot be drained, treat with mosquito dunks or bits that contain Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti), which kills larvae. These products are safe for use around humans and pets, and can be found at hardware stores and other local retailers.

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