Camp Hill Borough provides these comments regarding the recent ABC27 News report on towing

Contrary to what was reported in the recent ABC27 News report about towing in Camp Hill, the Camp Hill Police Department contacted G.A. Smith to tow Gus Bostdorf’s vehicle because it was an impediment to traffic on Market Street, it posed a safety hazard and the car could not be safely driven under its own power.  The Police Department allows officers to base their towing decisions on quality of service.   The Police Department tries to accommodate owner preferences but was not able to do so in the incident involving Mr. Bostdorf due to the urgency of restoring traffic flow on the main street through the Borough.

Regarding the right to know request, the Police Department does not have a written “directive” naming G.A. Smith as the “primary towing vendor.”  The Borough has denied repeated Right to Know requests from Ms. St. Hilaire for that record because it simply does not exist.  Camp Hill has responded to numerous Right to Know requests from Ms. St. Hilaire in the past year, many of which required the Borough to search the email accounts of every Borough official and employee over a seven year period.   Contrary to Ms. St. Hilaire’s report, the Office of Open Records found in the Borough’s favor that the towing directive does not exist.

As part of the Borough’s annual review of service and contracts, the approach to towing will also be included as the Borough strives to assure that all services are provided in the fairest and most economical manner possible.

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