Learn To Swim

Swim lesson registration is now conducted on-line. Participant must be enrolled in ActiveNet to register for all recreation programs. Visit the Borough website (camphillborough.com) and create a family account through ActiveNet. When registration begins, simply return to the website, access your account and register with your credit or debit card. Payment by check or cash must still be done in person at the Borough Office. However, it is the responsibility of the participant’s caretaker to create an account through the Borough website in advance.

Participant must be a pool member and at least three (3) years old. Class size is limited to ten (10) individuals. Early registration is strongly recommended. Lessons are conducted rain or shine. No make-up dates for lessons cancelled due to hazardous weather (lightning & thunder).

2017 Learn-To-Swim Program

Session Dates:                                                                                                    Registration Dates for Session:

Session 1:  June 12 – June 23                                                                            May 30 – June 8

Session 2:  July 3 – July 14                                                                                 June 19 – June 29

Session 3:  July 24 – August 4                                                                           July 10 – July 20

Note: pool membership is required at time of registration.

Fee: $38.50 per session

Time of Lessons:  10:45 – 11:15 AM, Monday – Friday.  First day of session: show up at 10:30 AM

Swim Levels

Tadpole (Beginner)
Level I:  Basic water adjustment skills including blowing bubbles, floating on front/back, kicking on front, voluntary submerging.  Skills are designed for non-swimmers.

Level II:  Completed Tadpole I or be able to demonstrate all completion skills. Will learn more water exploration by fully submerging face, jumping into shallow water, bobbing, kick on front/back and alternating arm action on front.

Minnow (Intermediate)
Level I:  Completed Tadpole II or be able to demonstrate all completion skills.  Learn further water adjustment skills including entering water independently, support kick on front/back and fully submerge face for 3 seconds.

Level II:  Completed Minnow I or be able to demonstrate all completion skills. Will demonstrate skills with little or no help from instructor: fully submerge head, explore deeper water, flutter kick front/back and combine stroke on front/back.

Level III:  Completed Minnow II or be able to demonstrate all completion skills. Jump into deeper water, front/back crawl, elementary back stroke, tread water and diving.

Shark (Advanced)
Level I:  Completed Minnow III or be able to demonstrate all completion skills. Will learn breaststroke, sidestroke, front/back crawl 25 yards, diving, turning at wall and tread water.

Level II:  Completed Shark I or be able to demonstrate all completion skills.  This level will develop front/back crawl, elementary back stroke, side/breast stroke and also learn butterfly kick, stride jump and open turns.

Level III:  Completed Shark II or be able to demonstrate all completion skills. Will increase endurance by swimming greater distances.  Will also concentrate on surface dives, turns and approach stroke.