Lawn Mowing Services

The following individuals have offered their lawn mowing services to Camp Hill Borough residents for the 2019 season:

Lucas and Seth Pertschi
(717) 730-3829 (Lynette Pertschi, mother)

Sean and Jason Talbott
(717) 343-5070 (Monica Smith, mother)

Ben Brodie
(717) 810-6308

Matt Ulsh
(717) 503-7948

Adam Cleland
(717) 943-5907

Steve and Harry Bowman
(717) 743-1060

Justin Shover
(717) 433-3021

Mike Ruell
(717) 503-8980

Fred Wadlinger
(717) 609-3584

Those listed are not Borough employees. Advertising their services on this website is a courtesy, not an endorsement.

Payment for services rendered is between residents and service providers.