Preschool Summer Adventures


 Preschool Summer Adventures will take place at Trinity Lutheran Church in one of their Preschool Classrooms. Address: 2000 Chestnut Street, Camp Hill.

Camp Days & Hours: Monday – Thursday, 9 – 12 pm

Camp will be offered the following weeks and you can register for as many as you wish if there is space.  Each week we will include art, music, learning centers and of course, stories (Eric Carle books and lots more).  We will also enjoy theme based yoga activities each week with Ann Fields, founder of Peaceful Poses Kids Yoga.

Week 1: June 3rd
Week 2: June 10th
Week 3: June 17th
No Camp the weeks of June 24th and July 1st
Week 4: July 8th
Week 5: July 15th
Week 6: July 22nd
No Camp the week of July 29th
Week 7: August 5th
Week 8: August 12th

Cost per week: Res. $79 / Non. Res. $89

Payment PolicyRegistration is done online.

Camp Hill Recreation Cancellation/Refund Policy:

A refund will not be granted for any session $50 or less. This includes any program (one day programs, camps, or multi session programs) offered by the Recreation Department.

For all sessions greater than $50, a refund will be granted according to this schedule:

Refund Request Date Amount of Refund
>90 days before program 75% of program cost
60-90 days before program 50% of program cost
30-59 days before program 25% of program cost
Less than 30 days before program No refund

No refund will be granted for any camps after July 1st.

Director Of Preschool Camp:  Debbie Juliana has been running this program for many years.  She has an Associates Degree in El. Ed., a Bachelor in Social Science and a Masters in Community Psychology.  She has many years of experience with preschool children.  She was a preschool and pre-k teacher at St Stephens for six years and is currently a lead teacher at Camp Hill Presbyterian Preschool.  She is also working at HACC teaching non credit too.

Dress:    It is recommended that T-shirts and shorts are to be worn.  Sneakers or sturdy shoes are recommended since we will have daily outdoor play.  No sandals or flip-flops please. Sunscreen should be put on before arriving.

Personal Items: We ask that children do not bring personal items or toys from home.  Books for story time, items relating to out theme and of course, show and tell items are welcome.

Discipline:     Staff will use positive guidance, redirection, and the settings of clear cut limits to help the children become self disciplined.  Staff will encourage children to respect people and property, to be fair and learn to be responsible for their actions.

When necessary, staff will follow steps 1-4 as needed.

1- Speak to child about changing the behavior.

2- Redirect the child to another activity or area.

3- Time out away from the other children (but in clear view of staff).

4-Note written for parents (to discuss behavior with staff)

For acts of aggression, children will be separated immediately.  Staff will review rules and appropriate behaviors and reinforce positive behaviors on a regular basis.

Illness:     Most children will become ill from time to time.  Refunds will not be given for absences due to illness.  In the event of long term illness, special arrangements may be made with the Camp Hill Recreation.  If your child will not be attending camp due to illness, please call the recreation office so we know not to expect him/her.  Please do not increase the risk of other children becoming sick as well by sending your child to the program when he/she is ill.  We will not allow a sick child to stay at camp and you will be called at home/work to come pick up your child immediately.  If your child should become ill during our program, we will notify you or your emergency person, and we will expect the child to be taken home as soon as possible.  We do not have the staff or the facilities to care for a sick child, so be prepared with an alternate care giver if you cannot care for your sick child at home.

If your child has any or the following symptoms, it is best to keep him/her home, or if the symptoms appear at the program, you will be notified: Fever of 100 degrees or higher, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, persistent cough or sore throat, inflamed eyes, lice, or too ill to participate in outdoor activities.  If your child should become ill from a contagious disease such as chicken pox, strep throat, lice, etc., inform the staff immediately.

Health and Emergency Policy:     In the event of a medical emergency or of an accident, we shall contact the parents of the child and, if necessary, the parents may be asked to pick up their child.  In situations that require immediate treatment beyond first-aid, the child will be transported to the hospital emergency room by the Summer Camp Staff or in case of severe emergency, the Borough Emergency Medical Service Staff.  If it is impossible to reach the parents, emergency contact person or the situation demands immediate attention, the child may be taken to the nearest available hospital.  In any case, a staff member will accompany the child and remain with the child until the parent or their designee assumes responsibility.  All participants are required to have their own health and hospitalization insurance.  Camp Hill Recreation is not responsible for payment of medical expenses for injuries or illnesses incurred by program participants.  .  Parents are required to complete all questions when registering for camp.  In the event you encounter an emergency and need to contact the Summer Camp Staff or your child, please call the Recreation Office at 717-737-4548, if you are unable to reach the Recreation Director contact the Camp Hill Borough at 717-737-3456.